We’re not leaving Washington yet, don’t worry.


If you enjoyed The Marriage Effect, then I REALLY hope you’ll be excited about the four book series that I’m going to kick off in January 2020. Logan’s four younger sisters, Molly, Isabel, Lia and Claire will ALL get a book!! We’re jumping forward ten years from the end of The Marriage Effect, back into the Ward family and YES, the Washington Wolves! YIIIPPPPEEE!

What else, Karla? That can’t be all, can it?

Don’t you worry, it’s not. Baking Me Crazy, the first book in the Donner Bakery series, is kicking off ANOTHER family series that I’ll be writing for Penny Reid’s Smartypants Romance!!!! It takes place in Green Valley, the home of her Winston Brothers series, and it will follow members of the Buchanan family (who we meet in Baking Me Crazy!). Navigating a generational love curse is NO picnic, you guys. And I can’t wait for you to join me on their journey.

BUCKLE UP, because between those two series, I’ve got you all taken care of for the next two years, and I AM SO EXCITED.